Amaro Lionheart

        Progressive Democratic Candidate for Florida Governor 2022.


Amaro Lionheart Commitment to Service.

I want to give a warm and loving welcome to all who come to our site and support our community coalition to bring optimism, hope, and change to the Great State of Florida. You are the reason why I am running for office. I believe in you, I believe in your dreams, and I believe together we can make a better tomorrow today. We are one big family united under a common goal that is to help and serve our communities, to ensure our children have a bright future, and that will not only help preserve our natural resources and environment. We value science and the men and women who are in the frontline in the fight against Climate Change and Plastic Pollution.  


We value our medical/health professionals who are also on the front lines of the most serious health crisis of our generation a global pandemic. We support you and your dedication to saving lives. Thank you for your service. 



Why I am running for Governor.

I am running for Governor of Florida; this is not your typical campaign but rather a movement focused on inclusion, empowerment, and unity.


I am running to bring change, hope, and prosperity to the people of Florida that there is a bright horizon of inclusion and unity.


I am running for the communities that have been decimated by decades of failed policies and generational oppression by a broken system.


 I am running to send the political power elites such as DeSantis a powerful message that healthcare is a human right and not a privilege. We will not only expand Medicaid but open it up to every resident of Florida. For those who want to keep their private health insurance, our expanded Medicaid system will cover deductibles and copays, meaning more money for Florida's families to spend on essentials such as food and other personal items as they see fit.



I am running to give a full pardon to thousands of people incarcerated for nonviolent drug offenses. We will bring forth Criminal Justice and Prison Reforms.


I am running to create economic opportunities and access for under-served communities with access to free college certificates, grants for minority and low-income individuals to pursue their dreams. We are going to open doors for the people of Florida, not close them.



I am running to bring high-quality education for all children regardless of social, economic status. Our public schools will receive the funding they need and resources to deliver the highest education standard to our children; Florida will be the first to graduate classes at over 90%.  We will support our educators with every possible resource needed to assure that every child is on a pathway to success. 


I am running to save our wildlife and environment from single-use Plastic and Styrofoam pollution destroying our ecosystems; we only have Earth; there is no planet B. We will work with our Environmental leaders, Scientist, community members, and business leaders to bring forth reasonable, common-sense environmental policies that protect Florida's natural resources. I will work tirelessly to ensure that we have clean air, water, and consumables free of human-made pollutants and toxins.


I am running as Governor for all peoples regardless of their ideologies. The Lionheart Community Coalition welcomes everyone we are about inclusion, unity, and compassion. We defeat those driven by hate with love; we defeat those who seek division with unity.


I am running because I care about the communities that make up Florida, including her wildlife. We need a leader driven by compassion, action, and unwavering dedication to serving the community.



©Amaro Lionheart